Monday, August 31, 2015

Volume One Number Thirty-Five

The Knifegrinder (ca 1912-1913)
painting by
Kasimir Malevich

Kazimierz Severinovich Malewicz was born in February, 1878.

As a child, he was interested in indigenous embroidery and decorated walls and stoves of the local area. Mr. Malewicz started taking drawing lessons around 1895.

In 1904, Kazimierz Malevich started his formal studies. Seven years later, he would begin exhibitions of his work in Moscow. In 1914, he would show his work in Paris.

One year later, in 1915, Kazimierz Malevich wrote his manifesto.

After the October Revolution, in 1917, he held numerous positions with the ruling party for the next ten years. During this time, Mr. Malevich also taught at several schools.

In 1927, Kazimierz Malevich left the U.S.S.R. for an exhibition. Predicting shifting attitudes about art, he left many of his paintings behind in Paris and Berlin.

Like some revolutionaries, his work was confiscated, and he was banned from creating and showing similar art. He responded by saying "art can advance and develop for art’s sake alone. Art does not need us, and it never did.”

He was arrested in 1930.

After serving six months, Mr. Malevich was given three choices; leave the country; lock himself in a room and create, by himself; or become a realist painter. He attempted to become a realist painter.

Like most artists, he failed, but he did turn his efforts to tableware and clothing.

Kazimierz Severinovich Malevich passed away in May, 1935.

I like science fiction, television, movies, books, paintings, and much more.

During the '90s, there was a show called Deep Space Nine (I'm not going to bore you with a synopsis). In one of the episodes, two of the minor characters (Jake Sisko and Nog) are working on a deal.

Well, ... The deal takes some twists and turns. During this time, Nog keeps reassuring Jake that everything will be O.K.

And, ... The same thing happens at work.

We were working on a project. It just seemed it wasn't going to work. A coworker and I would try one thing then another. Nothing. Then we tried another method; Nothing.

All the time, we were throwing out ideas and trying them all. Finally, it worked.

And, ... The same thing happens in prepping.

Take drinking water.

You turn on the tap, nothing. You move to your stored water, nothing. You try finding water in your home, nothing. You move to finding outdoor water, nothing. You try rain catchment, nothing.

But, ... You keep trying because you and your family must have water for your family to survive.

Things You May Want to Think About

'Soft' Targets
By now, you have heard this concept in several places, but they probably haven't explained it.

A soft target is a school, full of children and unarmed teachers. A soft target is a movie theatre, full of unarmed guests. A soft target is a library, full of children and adults, all unarmed. A soft target is the mall that you and your family visit or the grocery store where you buy your family's food.

In other words, any place where firearms are prohibited. Yes, your court houses, your restaurants, your bars, your vacation spots, your parks, your ...

You get the idea. Soft targets are everywhere, and there is no way to make them hard targets without arming everyone, including the villains.

So, ... Let's do that and see who wins.

I bet it will be the 'good' guys and gals ; - )

It's Different, This Time
It's been a week since this article was posted by Mr. Charles Hugh Smith, and nothing has changed.

Yes, the stock market has regained most of its losses, but have we stopped borrowing about $1,000, 000,000,000 (One Trillion Dollars) a year to pay for current national expenses, have we stopped borrowing another trillion dollars paying for current personal expenses, have we stopped lending 'banks' money at 0% interest, so they can lend the same money to us for 3% interest, have we ...

Nope, it's not different; it's worse.

Somebody has to be 'Second'
A few weeks and many decades ago, these United States became the first and only country to use nuclear weapons againist their enemy, Japan.

Needless to say, it's just a matter of time before another country (maybe, these United States, again) will use nuclear weapons on their enemy. The only problem, we are someone's enemy.

Remember, the 20 million+ Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, handicapped, aged, sick, prisoners of war, forced laborers, critics, Slavs, Serbs, Germans, Czechs, Italians, Poles, French, Ukrainians, and many others!

If someone says they are going to kill you, they mean it!


"... the American people, alas, are now surely a worse lot of ignorant, raging, tattooed slobs than the German people were in 1933."

"... it’s logical and even necessary to band together with those of your family, tribe, race or ethnicity is a necessity in the absence of a strong national government"

"... yes, people actually get paid to crash stuff here — best job in the world."

That's Just the Way it Was: Daytona Beach, Florida (ca 1943)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Food Storage)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

National Archives and Records Administration

Invest in Canned Goods
There is some joker; on the internet, of course; telling everyone to take their money out of the stock market, the banks, 401Ks, and everywhere else then buy canned goods.

'Cause, the stock market is going to crash. Plus, he has proof, ... finally

Ha, Ha, Ha

The easiest method of setting up a food storage program is to purchase more of the foods you and your family normally eat. You don't have to figure anything; just go buy more of what you eat.

Eat, ... Mac and Cheese; buy, ... Mac and Cheese and butter and milk. Store all of it in the appropriate place. Mac and Cheese goes on the kitchen shelf. Butter and milk are in the refrigerator. Unless, you observe certain dietary customs then the butter goes in one refrigerator and the milk in another refrigerator.

Ooops, got that wrong. It's meat in one refrigerator and milk products in another refrigerator : - (

Another example: Your family eats lasagna with a salad and garlic bread, so you store all the fixing for that meal. Same deal as above; everything is stored in the appropriate place.

But, ...
Some folks are going to say, 'But, But, ... On the internet, it says to only store canned foods because the electricity is going to go out! Don't you know about Coronal Mass Ejections or Electromagnetic Pulse?'

Yes, I do know about CME and EMP, but ... If you're getting ready for an economic collapse, your 25 cubic foot chest freezer (full of chicken, beef, pork, and frozen veggies) is still going to be running. Plus, a full freezer will stay colder longer when it's full.

Now, ...
When you go to the store, you purchase one more bag, one more box, one more bottle, one more can, and one more package of what you're buying. This 'extra' food is placed in your family's kitchen pantry. Over the course of three or four grocery shopping trips, you will have several days of 'extra' food.

Be careful purchasing fresh food using this method. You don't want the fresh food to spoil before your family can eat.

We have this problem when my family purchases apples and oranges from the warehouse stores. We don't eat them fast enough, so we quit buying apples and oranges from Costco, Sam's, Albertson's, or ...

Before I continue, I need to explain 'extra' food.

It's really not extra because your family is going to eat this food.

So, ... you don't give it away. You don't let people (especially other family members) guilt your family into giving it to them.

Remember, this is your family's food for emergency events!

Storing a short-term food supply (three days to two weeks) is easy. All you do is store the food in its normal place.

Of course, a two week supply is going to be a little more difficult then a three day food supply, space wise.

Not the Earth, your food ; - )

You will need to rotate this food. Let me explain.

Your partner and children like Mac and Cheese, so you purchase an extra box, for 'extra' food.

The box of Mac and Cheese that you purchased goes on the shelf, and the box on the shelf goes in the cooking pot.

In other words, the first box you purchased is the first box to be eaten by your family.

Most families, even a reluctant partner, can see the need for 'extra' food. There are events such as unexpected company, holiday store closings, late night munchies, and ... that easily justify keeping extra food in your home.

You're not crazy; You're prepared for late night munchies ; - )

Next week, ... Medium-Term Food Storage. (The link won't work until September 4th)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday: 26 August 2015, Part Four, Number Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by

Don't Panic
A 1000 point drop in two days can be nerve racking, especially for small investors.

So, ... You may be thinking about pulling your money out of the stock market especially "If" you're close to retirement.

Don't Do It!

Why? ...

First, if you're close to retirement, you should have already been diversified (around 60%) in bonds or a bond fund.

Second, you haven't realized a loss, yet. If you sell now, you realize the loss. Plus, you can't get that money back.

Third, you're diversified, so your bond fund will go up ('cause everyone is selling stocks then buying bonds) as your stock fund goes down.

Fourth, you're a prepper, right?

So, ... You have secure shelter, stored water, canned food, medical supplies, firearms with ammunition, a second income stream, and ... all the other stuff; you have been reading about all these years.

Fifth, the Government will protect you! Ha, ha, ha

What to Do?
First, ... buy!, Buy!!, BUY!!!

Yes, "If" you have some cash sitting around doing nothing, look around for some bargains in dividend paying stocks from the big-name companies. You know ...

Ha, ha, ha, ... You thought I was going to suggest some stock picks ; - )

Second, take this time to really look at your investments. Are they working for you? If they're not, what can you do to change them.

Third, take a hard look at your family's preps. Do they work? If not, what needs to be done to make them work?

Fourth, ...

Don't Panic!!!

I have written a lot for a Wednesday, so ...

Come back on Friday for an article about setting up a food storage program for you and your family.

I am writing this on Monday, the 24th.

So, ... I may or may not have a chance to update this blurb.

Make sure you read the warnings at the bottom of the page!

Wednesday: 26 August 2015, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

painting by
Jean Clouet

Emergency Fund
When it comes to finances the first place to start is the emergency fund.

Yahoo: Finance - How to Build the Perfect Emergency Fund for You

This Could Involve You
One of my former employers hired a financial advisor to 'help' with the company's 401K.

Right at the gitgo, the fees sounded kind'a expensive for what they were doing. After a couple of months, people started complaining about losing money.

Guess what?

You don't have to be 'rich' to get ripped off by a financial advisor.

Investopedia - 4 Signs Your Financial Advisor Is Ripping You Off

Wednesday: 26 August 2015, Part Two

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,


Rifles or Carbines
For some folks, owning an SKS rifle or other semiautomatic rifle is prohibited.

Well, ... There is a solution.

Lucky Gunner - CZ 527 Carbine: 60 Second Review

The Photo
I wanted to find a photograph of someone carrying a hunting rifle, but I got lazy.

So, ... Here is an article about the picture.

Survival Cache - 5 Easy Steps to a Clean Gun

During an event, you and your family may run out of certain supplies, like firearms cleaning supplies.

Well, ... cotton t-shirts or bed sheets make good improvised cleaning patches. 80-90W oil can be used to keep your weapons from rusting, but how do you clean them?

The Survivalists Boards - Improvised gun solvents