Sunday, March 1, 2015

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff, on a Sunday (AR-15 Magazines)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Photographer's Mate 3rd Class
John E. Woods

One Video
First up is a quick and informative video on disassembling a magazine. I would like to point out two things. First, the gentleman does a great job of removing the floor plate. Second, as you can see removing a green magazine follower is a pain.

My suggestion: don't replace a green magazine follower. They are still 'good.'

YouTube: John Miron - How to Disassemble Ar15 M16 Magazines.

Two Videos
The second video is also quick and informative with a little more detail then the first one.

Now, ... I have two problems with this video. First, use a bigger tool like a screwdriver, cleaning rod, or a rifle cartridge to remove the floor plate. It's safer. Second, try not to bend the floor plate.

YouTube: Anidac Productions - AR-15 Magazine Disassembly

Three Videos
A little longer video then the first two. Like the others, a very good video. The presenter also illustrates the tilting problem with the older followers

YouTube: NeverEnuffAmmo - AR15 Magazine Maintenance & Disassembly

One More Video
This is a great video. Plus, it illustrates how to clean your firearms' magazines.

Needless to say, you don't want to dry your polymer magazines in the oven. I also suggest you don't wrap the magazines in a paper towel.

Lastly, the dry film is sprayed on the inside of the magazine and the magazine body is painted in a camouflage pattern that blends in with your area of the world.

nsz85 - USGI Mag Refinish to LIKE NEW!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff, on a Saturday (AR-15 Magazines)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

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United States Military

Before I begin today's article, I need to remind you: Without magazines, a semi-automatic rifle is a single shot rifle.

So, ... Stock up!

With that said, .. Let us begin.

photograph by
The M-16 rifle has been produced for over fifty years, same for the magazine. At first, the rifle was introduced with a 20-round magazine manufactured from stamped aluminum with a metal follower. A 30-round magazine with a plastic follower was later manufactured to provide higher capacity for the rifle.

Both sizes of magazine are still available from several sources.

But, ...  There were problems with the early magazines' reliability. It seemed the original follower would 'jam' or 'tilt' causing the rifle to malfunction.

These United States military developed a solution. They added a front 'leg' to the follower.

Like any good improvement, more followed.

These United States' military quickly learned that one 'leg' wasn't enough, so they added a second rear leg and improved the spring by making it heavier and more corrosion resistant. Needless to say, you can quickly tell each improvement by looking at the color of the magazine follower.

Black, Green, Tan, and ... Yellow
Originally, I was going to highlight each magazine follower with individual pictures. As you can see, it didn't happen.

So, ...

From left to right, a black magazine follower from an Adventureline magazine purchased around 1985. Center is a green magazine follower from a Parsons Precision Products magazine purchased early 2000s. Right is a yellow Magpul magazine follower purchased around 2012.

As you can see from the picture, I don't have an example of the military's 'new' tan magazine follower because I'm not in the military anymore ; - )

With that gleefully said, ... Here is a picture with different views of the various magazine followers.

As you can see, again, the magazine follower has been improved over the years increasing its reliability for combat.

But, ...What about for you, the prepper?

First, the black magazine followers should be replaced immediately with improved followers.

 Second, magazines with green followers are still serviceable (usable). They should still be used by you and your family.

Lastly, 20 and 30-round magazines with tan military or yellow (now in 'foliage green,' too) aftermarket magazine followers should be purchased in the future.

If you're like me, and bought a lot of magazines when they were inexpensive, you can purchase Magpul followers from several sources. (Brownells) (Midway USA)

Wikipedia - M-16 Rifle: Magazine

PEO Soldier Live - Army’s Improved Magazine Increases Weapons Reliability: “Tan is the Plan” for the New Magazine

Triangle - AR-15 Magazine Followers: Magpul vs. Brownells' USGI Tan

Midway USA - MagPul Enhanced Self Leveling Magazine Follower AR-15 Polymer Package of 3

Not Part of the Narrative
As always, some of the pictures didn't fit the articles.

Three sets of magazines with each color of follower installed in the magazines.

As you can see, the color of the magazine follower is easy to identify while it is still installed in the magazine.

Magazines with magazine spring and magazine follower removed. The magazine floor plate is to the right of each magazine.

Approximately 24 obsolete black magazine followers removed from magazines I purchased in the mid-80s.

They were replaced with yellow Magpul enhanced self-leveling magazine followers that I received as Christ's Mass gifts.

After replacement, these obsolete followers were thrown in the trash because they are less then useless. They are dangerous.

O.K. That's a little hyperbole, but you get the point. Right?

I forgot to mention, yesterday. You might want to stock up on a few extra magazine springs "If" you're planning for a longer-term event.

Say, ... one spare magazine spring per magazine that you own and one magazine floor plate for every five magazines you own.

Almost lastly, if you plan to buy magazine bodies, you might as well buy complete magazines with spare springs and floor plates.

Lastly, if you replace the improved green followers with the 'new' improved enhanced anti-tilt follower, you might want to save the green followers as spares ; - )

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Firearms' Magazines)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class
Joan E. Kretschmer

Magazines for semiautomatic pistols and rifles are fragile, so you and your family will need at least five magazines for a pistol and ten magazines for a semiautomatic rifle.

It would be better to have ten magazines for each of your family's pistols and twenty for each semiautomatic rifle.

At $20 per pistol magazine and at least $10 for an AR-15 rifle magazine, now you know one of the reasons why I suggest a .357 magnum revolver and the SKS rifle in Prepper: Surviving the Tough Times Ahead for your family.

With that said.

Parts of a Magazine
There are basically four parts to a magazine.

From top to bottom, the magazine follower, the magazine spring, and the magazine floor plate.

The magazine follower and the magazine spring insert into the magazine body (left) and the magazine floor plate slides onto the bottom of the magazine holding all of the magazine's parts together.

The magazine follower supports the cartridge while the magazine spring provides tension to hold the cartridge in place and push another cartridge 'up.'

The magazine floor plate holds everything in the magazine body.

Simple. Yes?

But, ... Then there is ...

The Law
Depending on where you live will determine the capacity of magazines you may legally purchase and possess. There are serious penalties for failing to comply with these laws.

But, ... You may be able to legally own 'repair parts' for magazines; you can't legally own.

Let me explain.

If you go to Brownells and search for "magazine body" (30 round) (20 round), you can purchase a repair magazine body. The same goes for replacement magazine springs (30 round), repair magazine floor plates (both capacities), and replacement magazine followers (both capacities). These repair and replacement parts would be used to repair your existing magazines, increasing their service life.

Now, let me warn you. If you live in a state that prohibits your freedom to own standard capacity magazines, you can't assembly these repair parts into a magazine, depending on the law. You may even have to store the repair parts in separate containers.

Needless to say, if you go this route, you, your partner, friends, and other family members need to be registered to vote.Talking to others about these repressive laws and the politicians that support them. Making sure you vote on election day.

And, ...

Supporting groups that are challenging these oppressive laws, such as the Second Amendment Foundation.

Lastly, ...
Tomorrow, I have another article about ... Magazines

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday: 25 February 2015, Part Four

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Walters Art Musuem

Every once in a while, I have to remind y'all that firearms are just another tool. They are like the fire starters, water filters, warm blankets, and many other items you and your family will purchase for your preps.

Remember, ... Don't confuse a firearm hobby for prepping.

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It's all Uncles' fault, from Say Uncle, because of a link, a few weeks ago.

Beretta - The Beretta SO6 EELL "Izumi Project"

Cosmonauts = Preppers
You knew that already. Didn't you?

io9 - Did You Know Soviet Cosmonauts Carried A Bear-Killing Shotgun To Space?