Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

National Archives and Records Administration

Cotton Kills, ... Kind'a
If you and your family have been prepping for any amount of time, you have probably heard the adage "Cotton Kills." Like all adages, it expresses a general truth.

But, ... It isn't always true. Let me give you an example.

Katniss and I were out a few days ago, burning. We have been piling brush, construction debris, and other burnable stuff like wicker baskets in an open field.

Well, ... We finally lit the pile on fire. It was huge!!!

Now, the weather was mild, in the mid 20's (24°F or -5°C) with a slight breeze (5 to 10 mph or 8 to 16 kph). That works out to about a 15 to 19°F ( -7 to -9°C) windchill.

Not a big deal because Katniss was wearing polypropylene long johns (top and bottoms), cotton socks with Merell gortex lined shoes, cotton jeans, cotton shirt, cotton hoodie (bright orange, of course), and cotton gloves.


I was wearing wool socks with Air Force surplus 'Temperate Weather' boots, cotton jeans, cotton mock turtle neck shirt, cotton Swedish military coat with a cotton hoodie liner, a polypropylene fleece neck gaiter/hoodie, and cotton gloves. 

Did I tell you it was snowing? We got about one inch, by the time we were finished (five hours later)

Now, we were busting our a**es, pulling previously downed scrub trees, wood flooring, and piling other stuff on the fire. I don't know about Katniss, but I was sweating. At one time, I noticed my shirt was wet with sweat.

A few times, we even took a break sitting about 20 feet away from the fire to 'chill out;' we were working so hard.

Did we die? Nope!

Did we get frost bite? Nope, we kept all exposed skin covered!

Did we go inside, stand close to the fire, and continually work? Yes!!!

And, ... This is the point that I would like to make. You and your family need to understand the 'rules' and how to safely break them.

So, ... 'If' you and your family have access to warm shelter, a fire, or dry clothing, you can use cotton clothing during an event, just be careful.

The 'Best' Firearm
Two days ago, Anonymous left a comment about .22 LR firearms.

Go over and read the comment, I'll wait.

You back. O.K.

Now, like I said, Anonymous makes a good point. The .22 LR is a light recoil firearm that is inexpensive, almost everyone in the family can use it. It makes a good hunting, as well as defensive, firearm.

Now, some people would laugh at the statement, especially the defensive use.

But, ... 5 to 10 quick shots to the face, abdomen, or buttocks would cause anyone to rethink their strategy. (much less, 10 shoots in line with the spine is a 'well known' assassination techniques)

Plus, shooting a squirrel with a .30-06 is overkill while killing a deer with a .22 LR is possible, with a head shot.

Another point, you and your family can pick up a used Marlin Model 60 for ...  $100 to $150. A price that many families can easily afford. Getting ammo for it is another story, inexpensive ammo that is ; - )

But, ... I have already said that in my reply.

What I would like to add.

You and your family's circumstances are going to be unique. You and your partner may be a these United States' Army veterans with Military Police experience. Both of you have training using the M-16 series rifle and the M-9 pistol, so choosing to use a FN-FAL and a single action revolver would be ... stupid unwise unless you don't have the money for an AR-15 and a Beretta pistol.

And, ... That brings up another point.

The so-called 'cheap' guns work! They may not look or sound sexy, but a Hi-Point C9 will work. Same goes for the double barreled shotguns.

And, ... That brings up another point.

The 'threats' that you and your family are getting prepared for may be different than your relatives or friends, down the road. Someone (not me) that plans on shooting small game for survival needs a .22 LR rifle and probably a .22 LR pistol or single shot handgun while someone else carrying large amounts of cash needs a couple of buddies with a few rifles, pistols, and a healthy sense to keep their mouth shut to survive.

So, ... Look at your family's situation; not what some other person suggests for your family, including me.

SKS Rifle and .357 Magnum Revolver
I suggest these two firearms for a reason.

The double action .357 magnum revolver can easily handle .38 special cartridges, so the handgun has a 'light' recoil. The revolver is relatively inexpensive and available in most local area gun stores. Plus, the needed accessories are limited, a sturdy belt, a holster, cleaning kit, and maybe one or two speed loaders or speed strips.

Needless to say, some people say it's easier to use. I don't believe that because you should train on all of your family's weapons, anyway.

About the SKS rifle, it is inexpensive and needs few accessories, just a sling, cleaning kit, and that's about it.

Like the .357 maganum revolver, it will need ammunition that is readily available, on-line and locally.

If you purchase the .357 magnum revolver, first, you will have an easily concealable handgun for protection. It can been carried in a pocket, in a pinch.

The SKS rifle has a decent range and can put a bullet through car doors, house walls, and other 'light' cover.

Thanks, Again
I enjoy comments. They give you and me an opportunity to think about our beliefs and thinking when it comes to our preps.

So, .... Thanks again, Anonymous.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday: 10 February 2016, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Lotus Head

Seven Things
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21 Things
When I moved to Home Away From Home (HAFH), I furnished the apartment by shopping at the local charity stores.

Well, ... You might be able to do the same thing, for some of your preps.

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Wednesday: 10 February 2016, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

National Archives and Records Administration

Caching is one way of providing supplies for your family during and after an event.

But, ... Make sure you do it right.

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